With great media, comes great responsibility.

OnTopa MEDIA was created with the intention to bring a new experience to Melbourne businesses.

We provide an end-to-end service, produce quality media, as well as create or build on company branding to ensure you communicate to your audience with a uniform look and feel.

Meet The Team

Peter Topa

Lead Producer

Meet Topa...

Peter Topa started OnTopa MEDIA with the intention of bringing a new experience to his clients and his clients customers. He brings an extensive understanding of business, marketing, media production and project management.

With a wealth of life and business experience, Peter’s noteworthy achievements have been the multiple positions and responsibilities held while working for Kincrome Tools & Equipment, including - Website management and development, marketing, strategy, project management and Business/IT analyst,

Peter has received glowing recommendations from management (see his LinkedIn).

Chris Martin


Meet Chris...

Chris brings an incredible graphic design portfolio to the table, as well as an unrelenting work ethic.

Chris, along with Peter has spent a number of years working with Kincrome to produce and oversee the majority of their marketing and media design needs.

He’s loves a laugh, a game of table-tennis and loves to get things done.

Richard Simpson

Drone Pilot & Producer

Meet Richard...

Richard is a very talented video producer with a refined eye for detail.

He currently acts as the second set of eyes (and camera) for video production projects and produces all the drone footage for OnTopa MEDIA.

He loves a chat (except when he’s flying the drone) and  brings a fresh perspective to each new project.

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