What kind of clients do you work with?

We mostly work with other business who are looking to build on their current branding and awareness.

Do you offer photography?

Yes we do product photography for online content as well as corporate headshot photography.

What will my project cost?

The truth is - it's a difficult question to answer. Most video projects we take will cost anywhere between $1000 - $5000. For simple videos that can be used in social media advertising you could expect to pay about $1000 - $2000. For more complex projects like technical training videos, you can expect to pay $5000+.

It's best to to start the conversation with us because there are always options for any project and we can work towards budgets.

Jump over to our pricing page to get real examples of video costs.

What quality can I expect?

We generally don't take on work that we don't think will bring a high-quality result. We do this for two reason. Firstly, it's likely that you won't be happy with the outcome which we don't want. And secondly, the work we produce for you is what we use for our marketing, so if it's not high-quality, we can't use it either.

Basically, we always aim for high-quality media because it means we're both happy. Your success is our success.

Do you offer a 'filming only' service?

From time to time other agencies will reach out to us for a 'filming only' service where they need RAW footage captured and sent directly to them for editing.

We do offer a 'filming only' service at different rates to that listed on in our pricing guide. Each project is different so if you're looking for this, we suggest that you get in touch to discuss options.

Ready to talk about your project?