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Project Goals

Humanise The Brand

To build on the the current marketing efforts of Criterion Industries by producing a company profile video that highlights the 'how' and 'why' behind the brand. While communicating the personal and helpful nature of the company.

The narrative will be driven primarily by:

  • Core Values
  • Approachable and humble team members
  • Service Offerings
  • Process
  • Points of difference

Project Story

Company Profile (Story)

Although we like to give an idea of what to expect from our videos, we find it more valuable for both parties to work towards a ‘basic’ storyboard and shot list and then create the ‘real story’ in post-production. This is mostly due to ‘the unknowns’ - because we’re not using trained actors or movie sets, the most important thing we can do is to be creative and flexible in our approach to each aspects of the production phases.

That means that on the filming days we’ll capture about 10 times more footage than what we will actually use, however, it will give us (both of us) more flexibility in what the final production looks like.

We also retain all raw footage for 12 months (with options for longer retention) so we can go back and recreate variations or completely different messaging entirely.

Below you’ll find a basic storyboard and shot list that we can both work towards together so we don’t miss anything important

Company Profile Video

Main Footage

  • Interviews with 7 key people from Criterion Industries.
  • Interviews with key customers for testimonials
  • The audio (speaking) from the interviews will drive the video with key answers being used throughout. The series of key answers by each person will be used to create and drive the main story.

Company Profile Video

B-roll Footage

  • Building & office footage
  • Possible drone footage
  • Various people working at their desks
  • Interviewees talking to various other people within the office
  • Footage taken from client testimonials (consturction sites, architects office)
  • People in the office talking and working

      Project Overview

      Company Profile Video (Overview)

      Video To Produce

      Company Profile Video x1

      • Featuring key interviews with staff as well as internal footage of office, other local sites and interstate sites
      • Customer testimonials, construction sites, offices
      • Video will feature intro and outro graphics, on-screen text and licensed music
      • Video primarily driven by staff members speaking

      What's Needed For Production (Estimate)

      • Full-day filming in Epping - Capturing interviews with staff members and onsite footage
      • Potentially 2 half-days filming at various locations in Melbourne to capture customer testimonials, constructions sites and architects office
      • 3-4 Days editing (Post-production)

      What equipment we use for each filming day

      • Cinema cameras, DSLR cameras, drones, stabilisers and other usual production gear
      • Medium to large light rigs for interviews
      • One 'director' who will assists with audio/video production, setup and interviews
      • One videographer that will assist in capturing ground and drone footage

      Target Audience

      • Customers (Architects, Builders and Contractors)
      • Future employees

      Cost Breakdown

      Cost Breakdown (Estimate)

      Filming (Production)

      • Full-day filming in Epping - Capturing interviews with 7 staff members and onsite footage.

      Estimate: $1,480.00 (2 Crew Members)

      • 2 Half-days filming at various locations in Victoria to capture customer testimonials, constructions sites and architects office.

      Estimate: $1,480.00 (2 Crew Members)

          Note: These costs are estimates based on what we think is needed for production. These prices include all gear, including drones as well as the operators/assistance.

          Editing (Post-Production)

          • 3-4 Days editing (Post-production)

          Estimate: $2,280.00 - 3,040.00

          Note: We're allowing enough editing time to ensure a good result as well as some changes along the way. Within the 3-4 days of editing we'll provide drafts and re-edits to make sure you're entirely happy with the results. If extra versions are required (short/long versions for social media, website etc) we may have enough time to create these too. We're also allowing some extra room for editing the interstate footage.


          • x1 Company Profile Video (Potential to create short and long version)

          Total Estimate Cost: $5,240.00 - $6,000.00 Ex GST


          Next Steps

          Moving Forward

          • Approval and paperwork
          • Deposit (40%)
          • Schedule filming days

          From Topa…

          Thank you for your interest, we’re excited to produce some awesome videos with you!. Please feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have or If it’s more convenient for you, we’d be happy to arrange a time to catch up and talk in person.


          Peter Topa

          Phone: 0433 693 497

          Meet the Team

          Peter Topa


          Meet Topa...

          Peter Topa started OnTopa MEDIA with the intention of bringing a new experience to his clients and his clients customers. He brings an extensive understanding of business, marketing, media production and project management.

          With a wealth of life and business experience, Peter’s noteworthy achievements have been the multiple positions and responsibilities held while working for Kincrome Tools & Equipment, including - Website management and development, marketing, marketing strategy, project management & Business/IT analysis,

          Peter has received glowing recommendations from management (see his LinkedIn).

          Chris Martin


          Meet Chris...

          Chris brings an incredible graphic design portfolio to the table, as well as an unrelenting work ethic.

          Chris, along with Peter has spent a number of years working with Kincrome to produce and oversee the majority of their marketing and media design needs.

          He’s loves a laugh, a game of table-tennis and loves to get things done.

          Richard Simpson

          Drone Pilot & Producer

          Meet Richard...

          Richard is a very talented video producer with a refined eye for detail.

          He currently acts as the second set of eyes (and camera) for video production projects and produces all the drone footage for OnTopa MEDIA.

          He loves a chat (except when he’s flying the drone) and  brings a fresh perspective to each new project.

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